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Gumdrops and Lollipops

I can’t help but giggle a bit every time that I hear gumdrops and lollipops. Each time they cross my mind, I think of years ago when I was riding in the car with my family and something cynical came on the radio station. I immediately turned it off. My boys were younger and I just didn’t want them to be any more jaded by the world than they already were, especially by things that were out of our control. As soon as I turned it off, my son Trent reacted with “Come on, MOM!” I was sitting in a moment of silence when he followed up with, “You know mom, life isn’t all gumdrops and lollipops like you think.” Wow, was he right and that in itself hit me in the heart!

Here I was just trying to raise my boys in a positive light, when the world was a bit dark at times. My motive wasn’t to wear rose colored glasses and pretend the “bad” didn’t happen, but more-so to see what good could come of most situations. Pushing through some painful experiences in my life, I have grown to be the faithful… the optimist… and a nightmare to the devil’s advocate. Although some may think I was born to be positive, I want to make something very clear… maybe I was gifted a positive personality, but when life becomes a struggle and feels heavier than I can handle, it comes down to choice for me and a support system that is unbreakable. I must push through those moments that at times turn into days and even weeks. Yes, that has happened to me, times when gumdrops and lollipops were so out of reach.

Years ago I had a therapist tell me that when we hold on to hurt and pain that it is like making a little dark mark on our hearts. When we let it go, we wash it off and let our heart do the job that it was meant to, which is to beat strongly and hold love. With each dark mark I would wash it off with a lollipop thought, allowing the love to come in and go out with each word and choice. This is all I wanted for my children. I wanted them to see the lighter side. I wanted them to find a way to roll with the punches and not let others weigh them down. One would think that by being so positive that my children would likely follow suit. However, life gives way to pain and with pain we all find a way to navigate on our own journey, some with gumdrops and others not so much.

Which way do you navigate through life when dark is looming? When it feels like the cynical are making their way in to your head space? How do you react in the toughest of times? Do you allow others to weigh in on your heart so that a dark mark turns into two, then three, then what?

Gumdrop Reminder

It takes courage to…

be YOU

advocate for others

fulfill your purpose

be optimistic

see the good in the bad

forgive so that you can live

Let Me Hand You a Lollipop

Let me hand you a lollipop, the kind that takes 200 licks to get to the center. The next time that someone reminds you of anything less than the joy you want to feel and give, think of the moments that fill your heart. The moments that are full of gumdrops and lollipops… oh, so good!

Share the Goodness


Ask others how they are

Don’t dwell on the negative

Find the good

Step aside and let others shine

Find your purpose and create opportunity for yourself

Speak up for others who are still trying to find their voice

Find the sweet spot, even among the sour!

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