Free Remote Learning Resources

Currently, I am working as a cyber teacher for the HASD. The transition from a brick -and-mortar learning space to virtual/remote-learning has pushed me to recreate engaging spaces for my students and their families. With the support of talented educators around the globe, I am always reminded that we are #BetterTogether

I am here for you! If you are in need of a quick springboard to create a virtual classroom (free resources), just click on the images below and make yourself a copy! Once you make your own copy, simply delete my Bitmoji and add your own!

Bitmoji Classrooms

This 23 slide/themed library was created by the most AMAZING and CREATIVE individual, Brigette Hecht! She has graciously shared this library with the world and has given permission for this to be shared on my website! If you would like to buy Brigette a coffee or tea for her generosity, CLICK HERE! You can also find her on Instagram!

Tips to Consider

  1. When adding your Bitmoji, you can type “photo” into your search to get a variety of simple poses.
  2. To delete the white square background from your Bitmoji, download the one you want and then upload to to create a new photo.
  3. Personalize the space to make it yours. A simple change in colors will help to make this space your very own!
  4. To remove my links and add your own links, hover over the link until the small pencil/edit icon pops up. Click on it and replace my link with your own. (If you do not create your own links and your students use mine, their work will come to me! ha!)
  5. One last thought… if you use one of my classrooms, please tag me in your posts!

Bitmoji Craze for Educators

Are you interested in joining over 400,000 educators from around the world in creating new and engaging spaces for your learners? CLICK HERE to join in the fun!