Regardless of where your learning is taking place, hanging your work in a hallway for all to see is a true treasure! This global hallway has been inspired by my students so that we can each share our accomplishments in classwork and beyond! Come take a look at what is new in our space!

Artwork by Kennedy, Grade 2

Are you looking for a way to share #UnityDay with your staff and students? Use this reflection piece created on Padlet by one of my 4th-grade students, Colden.

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Fitting In

When I was in second grade, my friends played basketball or football, but I didn’t know how to. My best friend asked me if I wanted to play football. I explained that I didn’t know how to, and he said he and my other best friend would teach me. I agreed, and the next thing I knew, I was on the grassy field. We started playing, and then some kid tackled me in the middle of the play. My friends started to tell the kids that this was two hand touch, but about ten minutes later, the whole thing started again. They finally talked some sense into him, and he stopped. The game finally got off to a good start. I was marking up someone, and my friend was also marking up. Another kid, who was the quarterback tried a pass to the player I was marking up, and I intercepted it, I also got our team 2 touchdowns and a lot of yardage, making me the rookie of the game! -Colden, Grade 4

Artwork by Kennedy P., Grade 2
Artwork by Kennedy P., Grade 2
Artwork by Kennedy P., Grade 2

Liam, a first-grader, was a guest reader for Mrs. Budny’s Kindergarten class today. It was such an incredible experience to have a virtual visit with his former teacher to share his love for reading!

Miah, a third-grade student, was a guest reader for 1st-graders at Independence Elementary. Sharing the joy of reading from cyber to in-person!

Henry, a 2nd-grader at Margaret Ross Elementary School, was caught showing his Viking Pride! Henry was awarded “Little Viking of the Month” for showing respect toward others and his positivity when tackling challenging coursework. Way to go, Henry!

Artwork by Liam, Grade 1
Artwork by Kennedy, Grade 1
Lily C, Grade 4
Artwork by Kennedy, Grade 1

My Special Place

“My special place is warm and fun

it’s where I get to play all day in the sun

I feel the sand between my toes

as the bright sun kisses my toes

I can smell the warm salty air

and feel it while it blows through my hair

my special place is at the ocean

as the waves move with great motion.”

-Lily C

Viking of the Month: Miah Rodriguez

Miah, a 3rd-grade student, was caught showing her Viking Pride this past month! Miah shows dependability in many ways. When asked to go the extra mile for her learning, you can depend on Miah to make it happen!
Samantha Block, Grade 3, was caught showing her Viking Pride! Samantha has shown integrity through her actions each and every day. Whether it is having her work completed with a high standard for herself or sharing positive conversations with her classmates in Teams Meetings, Samantha continues to shine bright!

Personal Art Work -Kennedy, Grade 1

Viking of the Month goes to Christopher Block, a 6th-grade student in our HASD Cyber Program. Christopher works incredibly hard on his schoolwork, showing pride in all that he does!

Liam L., a 1st grader, was caught showing his Viking Pride! Liam has had an abundance of respect for his learning since day one of this school year. He chooses to go after his work with dedication, and when moments are challenging, he perseveres. Liam has learned to have grace on himself when needed and pushes himself through tough moments of learning. He shows the utmost respect when he logs in for meetings with me and carries that over towards his mom and little sister. Liam uses every minute of our time together to grow and share joy.

-Liliana A, 6th Grade

A Trip to the Ocean

One day my family decided to take a trip to the Atlantic Ocean. We had a lot of planning to do.  My mom told me that we would be scuba diving when we get there. I was so excited because I had never done that before. The next day we left for the trip. We were in a car for 10 hours. When we were there I was so excited. The ocean was so pretty. When I got in the ocean it felt amazing! I got scuba diving lessons at a pool. It was so fun. When I was in the ocean I saw a turtle and fish. I also saw 18 coral reefs. They were so beautiful and I found a hermit crab and sand crabs. Then my dog got in the ocean. She loved it. She looked so sad when she had to get out. We drove back home. I was so sad but I have a hermit crab now.

-Lily Perez, 2nd Grade

Meet Julia!

Julia is an energetic 1st grader that is full of creativity! She is especially fond of her exclusive mini creations. From the top left picture, going clockwise, this is what she had to say (and wrote into sentences):

Rainbow Butterfly: “I made it rainbow because I like all the colors.”

Mini Card: “This is a mini card for my dad. This is our neighbor’s dog Princess.”

Mini Mailbox: “This is for little envelopes. I made the flag move with a screw.”

Lilly Perez was caught showing her Viking Pride this month! Lilly shows her positivity each day as she logs into Microsoft Teams with a warm hello, crushes her coursework with a smile, and engages in weekly meetings to read her favorite books and collaborate on writing. Lilly’s positivity shines bright in these pictures that were taken as Mr. Hutsler, HASD K-6 Cyber Administrator, delivered the exciting news! Way to go, Lilly!

This is a map of our local park. Henry, a 2nd grader, created this detailed map that includes a map key and compass rose. This map will definitely help out our community members as they navigate their way through this beautiful park.

Maker Space in full action! Cayden, a 4th grade student, put his creativity and talents into action this week by making his very own “Bank Boy!” To top it off, he even created his own paper money!  Way to go, Cayden! 

Julia, age 6/Kindergarten/Miss Cleary’s Cyber Class

Made with Padlet
Barn owls have body parts that help them hunt at night.  They have excellent eyesight and hearing. A barn owl can catch prey in total darkness. They have eyes that are sensitive to light which makes them able to hunt at night.  They also have special feathers that help them fly very, very quietly.  They can attack an animal without making noise.  Owls can fly slowly for a long period of time.  Barn owls have large wings and fly as slow as 2 mph.  Owls are raptors, a bird that uses a sharp beak or talon to catch and eat food. Owls often attack prey by flying low and grabbing it with their talons.  The owl uses its beak to bite the prey.  Then the owl swallows the animal whole.  These raptors will eject the parts they can’t digest.  Owls can’t digest their prey bones, fur, or scales.

-Emmerson Faulkner, age 8/Mrs. Nan’s 3rd Grade Cyber Class

Alexia Brunton, age 11/Mrs. Shadish’s 6th Grade Cyber Class

Alexia Brunton, age 11/Mrs. Shadish’s 6th Grade Cyber Class



Raccoons are true bandits that sneak around at night and even steal from others! They are nocturnal so they sleep in the day, but at night they hunt for their food.  Those sneaky bandits are skilled hunters, but they also steal from others. 

Raccoons hunt in the night.  When they see a body of water, they try to catch crayfish, other fish, and frogs. They hunt for mice and snakes in the wild.  Raccoons look in bushes for berries and nuts.  When people, birds, or other animals are not looking, raccoons try to steal their food or garbage and run away.  When raccoons are stealing, they are more stealthy than when they are hunting. 

Raccoons may be small creatures, but they are mighty when it comes to hunting. When they are climbing they use their sharp claws so that they can climb up to get bird eggs without falling. When they are swimming they use their legs to swim and their fast paws to catch food like fish, frogs, and crayfish. Raccoons are clever enough to wet their food.  They do this because they are trying to gather more information.

When these stealthy animals are done hunting, stealing, and scavenging they head back home. Raccoons must rest up so that they can do it all over again the next day! 

-Ryder Kostrick, age 9/Mrs. Nan’s 3rd Grade Cyber Class

Holiday Poet’s Stage

-Kira McKenna, age 7/Mrs. Nan’s 2nd Grade Cyber Class

My Bell

As I rest in my bed I hear click click clack above my head. 

I was feeling a feeling I thought was scared, 

Although it was not that feeling that I shared.

I was excited and nervous because I knew what was up above, 

My heart and my head filled right up with love!

Can you guess what it was above my head?

I’ll give you a clue,

Jingle, jangle, do!

I heard a jingle jangle and I could not stand it!

I went to see what it was, it wasn’t a bandit!

I walked down the stairs to sneak a peek, 

Creek creek creek went my feet.

I opened the front door and stepped outside,

There was nothing to see – did they all go and hide?

I saw hoof prints and a bell, 

That was all I could tell.

I ran inside – but not to hide!

I had to get my camera!

I took pictures of the prints and picked up the bell,

I ran back to bed and knew all was well!

Just like that it was Christmas morning, 

My little sister needed to get 3 warnings!

I knew all was well,

I still had the bell.

The bell that I had glowed with a vision,

The reindeer were well – back home like a magician!

I’ll remember this Christmas forever, 

The time I got my bell in my big Christmas Eve endeavour!

-Norah Halulko, age 8/Mrs. Nan’s 3rd Grade Cyber Class

Taking Care of a Kitten

Imagine looking out of your window and seeing an abandoned kitten under your shed.  Do you grab it or do you wait to see if the mom comes back for it.   It is important to not take the kitten away from its mother.   If the mom doesn’t come back for a few hours, then you can bring it inside and care for it.  You will need to make sure you have all the supplies to take care of a kitten.  They will need to be kept warm and fed.

The mother is the best to care for their babies.  You never want to take the kittens away from their mother.  If the mother doesn’t come back within a couple of hours, then you can take the kitten and take care of it. 

First thing is to make sure the kitten is not hypothermic or hyperthermic.  Hypothermic is when the body temperature is too low.  Hyperthermia is when the body temperature is high.  Kittens can’t regulate their own body temperature so you have to help them.  If they are cold, wrap them in a blanket.  You can use a heating pad if you have one.  

After getting the kitten cozy, you have to feed it.  Kittens can’t have cow’s milk.  They have to have kitten formula.  Kittens need to be bottle-fed so you will need bottles.  Older kittens can have wet kitten food.  Kittens do a lot of sleeping. 

Kittens are super cute and loveable.  Taking care of a kitten can be fun, but it can be a lot of work.  Take care of it by keeping it warm and fed.

-Emmerson Faulkner, age 8/Mrs. Nan’s 3rd Grade Cyber Class

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Autumn, age 6/Kindergarten/Miss Cleary’s Cyber Class

After listening to the story, “Balloons Over Broadway- The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy’s Parade,” students were challenged to create their very own balloon, float, or puppet by using any materials they may have had lying around their house.

Connor, age 8/Third Grade/Mrs. Ozimok’s Hybrid Class

Henry, a 2nd-grader at Margaret Ross Elementary, was named Cyber Little Viking of the Month! Henry was caught showing his Viking Pride in many ways. Henry shows positivity when he tackles new and challenging math problems. He also shows respect for others and the different ways that others may learn. Way to go, Henry!

Artwork by Kennedy P, Grade 1

When describing the qualities that they look for in a friend, these two 3rd graders can’t help but spotlight their own beautiful character traits while maintaining a true focus on the other.  The beauty of this friendship is that it was sparked beyond their school day as each girl went to a different neighboring elementary, but still found their way to one another.  It wasn’t until they embraced a new way of learning, in our newly created Viking Cyber Program, that they actually became “classmates,” virtually that is… beyond brick and mortar.  They shine.  They laugh.  They see each other for who they are and all that they are meant to be.  They are the most beautiful reminder of goodness, as they walk alongside one another every step of the way.  Friendship takes on a new meaning with these two sweet girls.  Come take a glimpse into 

their world,

one assignment,

a lifetime of lessons shared!

Describe the Qualities You Look for in a Friend

Friendship Bracelets

N is for nice, caring, and divine

O is for outgoing, friendly, and kind

R  is for reliable, strong, and positive

A is for awesome, beautiful, and joyful

H is for honest, trustworthy, and loyal

-Emmerson (Emmy) Faulkner, age 8/Mrs. Nan’s 3rd Grade Cyber Class

The qualities I look for in a good friend are the qualities I think I have too. The most important qualities to me are fun, kindness, and following the rules. First, I look for a friend that is fun! For example, I like to explore in the woods and I want a friend that will explore with me. Next, it’s important to be kind. I think it’s important to show kindness or else you’re mean. I don’t want to have or to be a mean friend. Last, a friend of mine follows the rules.  I always follow the rules and I want a friend who does the same so they don’t get us into trouble. These are the qualities that make a good friend.

-Norah Halulko, age 8/Mrs. Nan’s 3rd Grade Cyber Class

One prompt

Two perspectives

Countless takeaways for all!

Emmy (on right) is a cyber student in 3rd grade at Hopewell Elementary School.  Her favorite subject in school is science.  She likes to play with her best friend on the planet, Norah.  When they are together, they have so much fun.  They dance together, ride bikes, read, talk, and the most important thing is they laugh. A LOT.   Emmy describes herself as kind and shy because she’s a nice person and quiet.  She is happiest when she spends time with the people she loves and when she is eating ice cream.  Her hopes and dreams after she graduates from High School are to go to college close to home.  She wants to become a pediatrician when she grows up because she wants to help kids and make them feel better. 
Norah (on left) is a cyber student in third grade at Margaret Ross Elementary School. Her favorite subject to learn about is Language Arts. She likes to play with her friends Emmy, Emma, and Presley. When they are together, they enjoy playing tag . She would describe herself as adventurous and funny because she likes to explore and make people laugh. She is happiest when she is having fun. Some of her favorite things to do are going to amusement parks, playing with her dog, and going swimming. She also loves animals. After Norah graduates from high school, she wants to go to college and become a Zoologist because she loves animals. She hopes to help a lot of animals and live in a HUGE beach house. She also wants to have a lot of pets.

Skills: descriptive paragraph/poetry/autobiography/biography/point of view/first person vs third person/pronouns/collaboration/edtech/perspective/risk-taking/bravery