The Act of Nanisms

Life is about choices… CHOOSE POSITIVE!  After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education and Elementary Education (with an emphasis in Emotional Support) I started my career in Learning Support then moved into the regular classroom teaching 3rd grade at Hopewell Elementary, HASD, in Aliquippa, PA for the last 23 years.  I am a dreamer…an optimist… a disruptor in education! 

I believe in the power of relationships! Without them, we have nothing. Relationships are the true foundation to betterment for every child and adult alike.

My mantra is empowerment at all ages.  I believe empowering students to make their own decisions builds strong character. By instilling T.R.U.E G.R.I.T. students recognize and capitalize on their own strengths, while strengthening their weaknesses.

Disrupting education with innovation has been my mission.  I believe our mindset is the most powerful tool in which we possess as an educator. We each have the resources we need at our fingertips to serve our children well, but if we don’t believe in change to better our students and selves, we have fallen short of the best we can be!   I was honored to receive the 2017 Week 1 Chevron Steelers Leader in the Classroom  award for innovative practices.  This award not only lights a fire within me, but also my students.  

“You must be the change you want to see in the world” -Gandhi

Let’s change education for the better together.  Reach out and connect with me

Our hearts are with out Little Vikings each and every day! #COVID19
From our home to yours, our staff shares their hearts with our students and community as we continue to stay in quarantine. Thank you, Mrs. Daley, for finding a way for each of us to connect with our students!
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“Awesome job on the podcast, and Good Luck with the new book release. I am so grateful to know you, and your passion is powerful & contagious.  Keep Inspiring, Innovating, and taking Risks. You are an amazing Change Agent to our Educational System for the betterment of our children and future generations. God Bless!!!”

Mario Leone, Hopewell Twp., Business Owner and Community Member

“From connecting with students to sharing a passion for impacting students, Kristen demonstrates all the qualities of an educator of excellence. Her passion and excitement for education are contagious and inspirational for educators of all levels. She is a true professional, learner, leader, and mentor in and out of the classroom.”

Dr. Sam Fecich- Professor, Grove City College