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Dear Graduating Senior, You Are Writing History as I Type

Dear Graduating Senior,

I’m thinking of you! You are on my mind and in my heart. You have done it… you have worked hard and are deserving of everything life has to offer. You continue to amaze us, just as you did when you were a child. And now, we find ourselves wanting, expecting, hoping and praying that you can see beyond what life has just thrown at you. You, sweet graduate, are writing history as I type. Yes, you heard me. You will forever be the graduating class that the world holds in their memory and close to their heart wishing we could rewrite this part of your senior year.

If I could…

give you a hug, it would be the first thing I would do.

know exactly what to say to calm your fears, refocus your mindset and lift your hopes, I would call you personally to say those much-needed words.

change the circumstances to meet your own very needs, I would do it in a heartbeat.

promise you prom, I would.

put sports back in action and allow you the chance to feel the joy that fills you up, I would make it happen in an instant.

sit in the audience to watch you perform your last musical performance, I would… and you would be able to spot me in the crowd by my standing ovation you so deserve.

But you and I both know what I wish I could do is far from the reality that we are in and far removed from the feelings that you are having at this time.

What I can do is…

remind you that all your hard work is going to continue to pay off.

let you know you are not alone because we are in this together.

gift you time to create your own opportunity through all of this… maybe it is a day or two weeks or possibly more. You are so incredibly amazing and have so many wonderful ideas to share so I ask you how are you sharing them right now?

tell you that your resilience, grit and overall character is being shined upon right now, as it is times of struggle that show us what we are truly capable of in this lifetime.

give you a glimpse into the future because you are writing history as I type. Remember, YOU are part of the graduating class that we will talk about for decades to come. You are on all of our minds and in our hearts. You will be talked about in conversations among future generations. You are a part of history.

Now take the pen, it is yours. You earned it. Your future awaits!

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