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Living My Best Life

Living my best life has not always been at the forefront of my choices.  Not that I wasn’t happy or trying my best, but there have been phases of my life where survival was more how I would describe it.  Through the ups and downs of life, one can feel overwhelmed and find themselves trying to get through, and at times even going around.  I was more so “doing life,” kind of like kids “doing school.” Maybe it was because I didn’t feel the impact of each given day in a way that I have felt over the last few years or maybe with time comes wisdom just as my grandmother would often say.  The one thing that I do know is that living my best life starts with me and I can only hope that through my best version I can help others. 

My meeting had started bright and early.  As I entered the room, one of my colleagues noticed my outfit and made a comment to the fact that she loved it, but was possibly surprised that I would wear it to school.  Not in a bad way, but a WOW way… the kind that was surprised I was embracing my workday with much grander! She made me giggle and my reaction came effortlessly as I said, “If I am gone tomorrow, you know I owned today!” 

Rewind: I started this blog over 2 weeks ago and then life “interfered.”

Life handed me the loss of a loved one at the young age of 22. Someone I admired and genuinely shared my heart with as we journeyed this life together over the years.

Life handed me a diagnosis that I had to face head-on, not go around or deny in any way.  “Stage 1 Melanoma,” he said, as he told me the “good news” to what could have been so incredibly worse. “It is manageable and curable… 99%”  All I wanted to do was go home and crawl on Eric’s lap to find comfort, but I couldn’t… he had just left for 4 days and this was not a conversation that would happen any sooner.  This was the first time I would have to face something so scary without having him to tell me it would be okay. At least, for 4 days. 

And then,

Life handed me an opportunity to sit still, so I did.  I absorbed this moment and then made a call. As friends and loved ones waited in the wings to hold me up, I called upon my pastor and he answered.  After an incredible conversation and much-needed prayer, I walked away with one thing resonating inside my soul. He said, “What is mentionable is manageable.” This gave me strength and somehow gave me back the power that I felt had left my entire being just hours before.  I am going to be okay… yes, this is what I kept telling myself! I’m living my best life.

Fast Forward: Today, I …

jumped into my book study to catch up, woke up my children, gathered all the things needed for a day of work, sent my family on their way, missed a meeting I should have been at, and somehow found myself standing at the doorway of my classroom… on time. They came in droves, down the hall… full of love, hugs, and stories.

was on the receiving end of goodness.

had the opportunity to teach the most amazing children.

had the privilege of learning from my students who confidently brought me into their world.

laughed at my students who had the most incredible battle of the bands that I have ever witnessed.

had a hug… make that several!

laughed with my friends over true silliness.

came home to my teenage boys and their teenage ways.

had more hugs.

jumped into my book study again and was fired up to hear some of the most poignant thoughts shared by educators across the globe.

reached out to a couple of friends to remind them to sit still. Lean in. Do for themselves. and have grace when needed.

sat still with my husband,embracing time.

broke down more walls and allowed for vulnerability.

pushed aside fear and allowed my faith to steer me.

Today, I am…

living my best life! Making it all count. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and I’m owning today!

4 thoughts on “Living My Best Life”

  1. You really know how to put things into perspective and words. So admiring!!! I love you for that and love you for YOU!!!!
    So glad we have gotten close.
    Your my girl and I’m always here for you!!


  2. Good blog Kristen!!!! Wishing you well, and all good things, as you deserve the world! Talk to my mom about skin cancer she’s got several scars and each with their own story! Sending love and prayers😘❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Brandi! That means the world to me. I am going to have to have these talks with your mom… maybe fireside! XO


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