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What Brings You Joy?

With week one of my  L.E.G.I.T. Summer Journey unfolding I stopped to reflect on my happiness.  What truly brings me joy?  Have you asked yourself this question?  When you think of the feelings that come with the word joy,  you know why it starts right here.  If we can’t find our own joy, how will we possibly bring it to others?

IMG_6089I started thinking about this on our first camping trip of the season this past weekend.  We arrived and I walked out into the sunlight.  The sun hit my face.  It wasn’t a brilliantly hot day like the week before.  No, this was 74 degrees with sunshine that warmed your skin with just the right amount of heat.  The wind blew at a steady pace… just enough to cool the heat of the sun.  It was as if the wind was talking to me… whispering it was time to stop.  Stop, turn off the to do list, the need to have it all done, the desire to do it all, the need to find answers to everyone’s worries.  Just stop.  So I did.

I took a walk.  Without music.  I let nature do the talking and it was absolutely magical to listen to it’s story unfold.

I went for a bike ride.  There is nothing as carefree as a simple bike ride.  It takes you back to being a child.  Learning to balance that cumbersome piece of metal and then eventually taking the risk to ride it without touching the handlebars.  Wind flying through your hair.  So joyful!

I sipped piping hot coffee that I only get when camping… perked fresh with my husband’s grandfather’s peculator.  The bold flavor is like no other.  It starts your day with a little extra love.  A little extra joy.

I took time to blog.  Something that at times makes me feel guilty.  Why?  Because it is a passion of mine and when I embrace my passions I get lost in them.  Literally, I can tune out a freight train.  I can eliminate all other thoughts from rolling through my head.  I can go full steam ahead without hearing my name called.  This is my own rabbit hole of joy.  At times it can separate me from others.  I can get so lost in my own thoughts that I must get them out.  Writing is a passion… my joy!

IMG_6104I watched the sun set.  I honestly don’t remember the last time I chose to do that.  A gift right in front of me every day and I am too busy to embrace it.  It was such a spectacular sight.   Not just the sunset itself, but the people I was watching it with.  The silence.  The appreciation.  The lapping of the waves as we each took in the beauty before us.

I read a book.   I took along 3 books because I never quite know what it is I’m looking for until I sit down to actually read.  This is a book I had had since winter, but it seemed to get juggled around amongst the 30 new books I had acquired.  I flipped it over and read the backside… I needed a quick reminder of  it’s purpose.  There it was… the book for me.  Not just any book, but one that spoke to me.  I dug into “Unmapped Potential” by Julie Hasson and Missy Lennard.  I was convinced that these 2 women wrote this book just for me… they could relate to my feeling of “being overextended, discouraged, and stressed” at times.   They had me reflecting on my mental  map and how it shapes my thoughts and actions.  The quote that resonated with me does not need an intro.  It doesn’t need elaborated on.  And it may not even need discussion for that matter.  Simply reflect…

“The energy you give to others comes back to you.” -Purposeful Principals

What energy are you giving?

What energy are you creating?

What brings you joy?


I woke up yesterday, feeling rejuvenated.  Feeling like I could give my time to others in whatever way I was needed.  I don’t always feel that way.  Not that I am not a joyful person because that I am, but because I rejuvenated my joy.  I put on my own oxygen mask so that I could help others.  I breathed in deeply.  I made myself happy without strings attached.  No guilt.  No worry.  No regret.  What makes you happy?

Go out and do it… rejeventae your joy!

Find your joy!

Choose joy!

Share your joy!