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L.E.G.I.T. Summer: GOALS

“Week 3ish” is a Kristen Nan way of saying I was caught up in the joys of my L.E.G.I.T. Summer and the days got away from me!  Can you say the same?  If so, we are both on the right path.  It’s kind of crazy when you stop and think about how much joy comes from the summer when you stop and take it in.  I have been embracing…

the sun,

more time in the day (okay, at least we get more daylight in our days),

the more relaxed vibe of having time to stop or pick up and go,

the scent of something yummy cooking on the grill,

the sounds of laughter as the kids are running around playing freely,

and the opportunity to write a bucket list!

At the start of summer, I headed to Bakersfield, one of my favorite places in downtown Pittsburgh’s Cultural District.  The street tacos are amazing and the organic Margaritas are truly refreshing.  I always feel alive as I walk in… the upbeat vibe puts a smile right on my face and the friendly service keeps me coming back for more.  Even better is the company I take with me.  This particular adventure was with my dear friend Tammy.  We sat and laughed and talked about the months ahead.  We both agreed that a bucket list of joys was a call to action moment for each of us.

Oh yes, the G in L.E.G.I.T. is for Goals.  This summer I decided mine would come in the form of buckets, just likes the ones a mentor of mine challenged me to fill during the school year.  So we made our lists and off we went.  At times we flew solo on our own journeys and at times we conquered the list together.  Either way, the goal was to not just look for joy, but to create it.  My list started something like this:

  1. When a friend calls, drop the laundry and go!
  2. Head to Pittsburgh as much as possible
  3. Summer Concert
  4. Bike ride on the Montour Trail
  5. Time by the water
  6. Meet up with my friends I haven’t seen in awhile
  7. Go to Phipps Conservatory to view the beautiful flowers
  8. Work out
  9. Eat breakfast at Waffles Incaffeinated
  10. Make time to write my book

Well, the list is coming along great!  I have accomplished a lot of other things too like cleaning out the top and bottom of the garage (WOWZERS).  The reality is, if I wouldn’t have intentionally made time for this simple list of obtainable goals, I may have let the summer slip right through my fingers.

My summer isn’t the only area of my life that I have created goals.  I have a list that I am generating for the fall when I return to my other family… my school family.  I cannot wait to try new things that I have learned this summer and I look forward to filling buckets with my students.  It is moments like this that always remind me that in order to dream big, I must be willing to take action.  The simplest dreams are only that if we do not take time to bring them to fruition.

Set goals

Fill those buckets… mine’s half full, what about you?


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