All In: Taking a Gamble in Education

Taking a gamble is risky, but nothing AMAZING comes without a little risk. Are you ready to bet on education?  Take a trip to Vegas with us, where chance and risk-taking are the names of the game. Our book shares 27 Bets that should be made in education.   Are you willing to build relationships and do what it takes to make a difference for kids? Are you ALL IN?

Authors: Kristen Nan and Jacie Maslyk


Are You ALL IN? Here is what readers are saying about this new release:

‘All In’ has a unique voice that addresses many issues in education that deserve further discussion. By virtual fact that it is written in collaboration between a teacher and an assistant superintendent, it challenges us all to rethink and dream big when it comes to collaboration, creativity and change. The stories are filled with vulnerability, passion and honesty. The “ante ups” offer an incredible list of educators who continue to go ‘all in’ and who will inspire you with their stories. Thank you Jacie and Kristen for taking this gamble in sharing your stories with us and encouraging us to take risks, invest in ourselves and be brave enough to go ‘All In’. 

Laurie McIntosh, Kindergarten Teacher

This book takes relationships to another level. Or should I say it gives you a suite hand on relationships. The casino terms work really well and provide a deeper insight as to how each of the players in education interact with one another. The Pit Boss and Player are not who you think they are. So, I bet you will read it and then give it to someone else to challenge them to go #ALLIN with you. 

Rodney Turner, Manager of Educational Success, ClassLink

Taking risks and allowing oneself to be vulnerable is a double-edged sword. On one side, it can be someone’s worst mistake, but on the other side, it can turn out to be the greatest decision one can make. This book provides a framework for the latter. It shows how a trusting relationship between a teacher and administrator pays major dividends not just for the teacher and administrator, but more importantly the students impacted by the risk taking. As Kristen and Jacie put it, education is always changing (hopefully evolving) so all educators should be encouraged and supported to take risks and evolve, too. The willingness of Kristen and Jacie to show vulnerability provided a learning experience for me and I hope others have the same, positive and powerful experience.

Kellee Oliver, Coordinator of Pupil Personal Services

ALL IN would make a great addition to your educational toolbox. I really appreciated the teacher and leader perspectives shared by Nan and Maslyk, as well as the practical and thoughtful ideas for how to collaborate, innovate, and do what’s best for kids. Their storytelling style together with the addition of teacher and leader guest voices have hit the jackpot! 

Jennifer Casa-Todd, Teacher-Librarian, and Author of #SocialLEADia

This book provides more than professional learning. It provides a true perspective on what change looks like from the perspective of a classroom teacher and an administrator. Through open and honest reflection, readers are given a window into a system in flux and those individuals who were willing to take a risk despite their feelings of doubt. This book will help all empathize with the decisions made by others all in the name of student success. It is more than a collection of thoughts, it is a powerful story of what can be done when leaders go ALL IN with the cards they were dealt.

Mike Mohammed, Science Teacher

#AllinEDU gives the perspective from each side of the aisle, both administration and teaching. We have the same goal to create meaningful learning for our students. This book shows how powerful positive relationships can be. We need to work together and be “All In” for our kids! 

Ricardo Garcia, Principal